Exercise to lose weight at home with a chair

Exercise to lose weight at home with a chair

You may not have a stationary bike, or a vibrating platform, but who does not have a chair at home for exercise? You may never have noticed it for exercising at home, just because the associate to the contrary, rest.… Continue Reading

Swimming for weight loss: does it really work?

Swimming for weight loss does it really work

It is known that swimming is one of the sports best suited for all types of people, because while exercising all your muscles, not a sport of impact. But does it helps to lose weight really? In this article you… Continue Reading

Electronic solutions to save time and fitness

electronic solutions to save time and fitness

True, the law of gravity exists and you can check it on your own bodies. Is that sometimes there is no time for the gym, and it is completely understandable that in the few spare moments prefer to lie one… Continue Reading

CrossFit, a comprehensive training program

CrossFit a comprehensive training program

If you’re still in search of your program of exercises ideal to help you maintain weight and toned figure, CrossFit is a good choice. It is a training program of ten steps, ideal for those who are bored with traditional… Continue Reading

HYDRO-TECH air-conditioned shoes

If you go to Japan this summer, take the opportunity to acquire a pair of HYDRO-TECH shoes. It seems that in the soles of shoes Hydro-Tech filters are equipped with high technology that can drive the moisture and heat, keeping… Continue Reading

Grinberg Method, physical and mental healing

The Grinberg method is a process that seeks to educate the body to reduce suffering, to achieve recovery, wellness and personal growth. Taught to pay attention to the body, failed efforts to differentiate and how to stop doing, is based… Continue Reading