Are the casting for children educational? Here are the pros and cons

The casting for children are made to find new faces for TV series, movies or commercials. However, this is a very sensitive issue, since children are too young to decide on their future and the need for them then the… Continue Reading

LG’s new Cinema 3D Monitor D41P and D42P promises the best Viewing experience

Technology 3D stomps over the years and this is how more and more brands are dedicated to producing monitors and televisions that allow you to enjoy three-dimensional image. LG is one of them and that is how their new D41P… Continue Reading

WatchESPN, implementing all programming for ESPN’s iOS

The sports network ESPN has launched its application for iOS called WatchESPN, with which offers users of iPhone, iPod Touch iPad and the ability to view all the programming of their signals ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU and ESPN3. Not bad when… Continue Reading

Toshiba announces the arrival of his 3D TV without glasses within a year

The next twelve months will have a common theme on the side of Toshiba. The company expects to launch this year its first set of 3D televisions requiring the use of passive glasses, but what will undoubtedly draw the attention… Continue Reading