Instant Messaging Application Line exceeds 200 million users

The instant messaging application WhatsApp fights for world supremacy has over 200 million users worldwide. In fact their growth is unstoppable because, Line has 50 million downloads and in the last six months it has 100 million users.

Line continues to grow in number of downloads at a dizzying pace. Also found a business model that is working perfectly throughout the world. As advertised on their website, on Saturday July 21 amounted to 200 million registered users in Line service, which not only includes the messaging application VoIP calls but also many games and shop for buy applications and stickers.

And it must be remembered that the Line business model has nothing to do with his rival in the fight for first place. WhatsApp charges an annual subscription for access to its service and Line is completely free but have generated around a spectacular marketing product that makes them a lot of money through the sale of stickers and applications of all kinds.

Line continues to grow in number of downloads at a dizzying pace

Advertising and sponsorship

In addition to the money earned through the sale of stickers, games and applications, they have also created a model of sponsorship and advertising not seen before. Any company that intends to disclose can get an account on Line, upon payment of the appropriate fee and send advertisements to all who add that account.

Brands like Coca Cola invite users to join them in exchange for free stickers to send advertising and, of course, also to sell their stickers.

Line leverages almost any event to advertise and sell their products. In Islamic countries they have celebrated Ramadan, the month of fasting, with special stickers, as announced in the video that I have taught.

Line is available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Nokia Asha phones, so, pretty much everyone who has a smartphone can download the application free of charge.


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