Linkbuilding in a strategy of SEO and Social Media

SEO and Social Media are the two fundamental aspects of a strategy to promote a website and make it increase visits, over the long term. The two strategies (SEO and Social Media) must be carried forward together, in order not to lose either one effective strategy. For example, do much about social media marketing, neglecting SEO, is a missed opportunity to get to the site all of its potential audience. The same goes for SEO.

Write for example SEO optimized articles can be a winning strategy to reach the site visitors via search engines. Writing articles is also to write SEO optimized articles for readers, to provide quality content. Again, do not implement a proper strategy for social media marketing is losing its effectiveness to the efforts made in the field of SEO, which could thus not be fully repaid. Hence a “social” linkbuilding can help your site in your goals of positioning SEO.

Linkbuilding in a strategy of SEO and Social Media

Linkbuilding and social media is perhaps one of the linkbuilding activities less loved by webmasters, but at the same time most useful for high rankings SEO. The fact linkbuilding includes various activities notorious for their relative repeatability, such as the inclusion of site in directories, but also more interesting activities, such as publishing articles on sites of article marketing, link exchange with quality sites, etc. Bearing in mind that different search engines are becoming more and more social (from Google to Bing), presenting results aggregated from various social media, we see how even the linkbuilding can become an activity that comes from the usual routine activities.

Guest blogging is not true of article marketing sites, have you ever thought of publishing a post on a blog or a site that covers topics similar to yours? In this moment is perhaps one of the most effective strategies for positioning SEO, given that Google has decided to give battle to farm content, so if you have links from sites of articles and press releases had a relatively low weight for positioning, perspective it will have even less (especially if the publication of articles is not controlled). A good article with a couple of back links, published in a blog related to your value has probably more, and if the content is of quality will increase the reputation of your site, as well as the probability that the post is shared on social media.

Comments on blogs and forums

Comment on blogs and forums is an activity that takes time, especially for building a good reputation in a forum or blog that collect large and active community. To ensure that the links posted in a forum are not accepted by others and interpreted as spam and simple self-promotion must earn the trust of other users and post a link on that topic. Once you have gained the trust of the community, if the forum or blog dofollow link offering you also pursues an aim of positioning SEO.

Linkbuilding on Squidoo and Social Media Following the objectives of social media optimization and SEO positioning, you can create a Squidoo lens. Creating a Squidoo lens not only guarantees you greater visibility on the web because of its indexing, but also gives you a lot of dofollow link. Staying in social media, I add that nofollow links of social begin to weigh on the ranking and positioning in the SERP. Ultimately, if you are producing SEO optimized content, these can be more easily found on the engines, but they are also naturally generate quality links from other sites, blogs and social media. And also your page rank will take advantage of your linkbuilding strategy based on the contents.


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