Livescribe Sky takes instantly what you write to Evernote Notebook

One of the popular digital pen, the Livescribe, again updated with Sky model, more complete, with wireless and direct connection with Evernote.

Sky works with battery that gives for a whole day taking notes

The LiveScribe Sky is the third generation of this staff digitizer personal device, and so cloud in your daily life, could not keep up. So this new version becomes WiFi and direct connection to service most used notes, Evernote. So, all that is left to go scoring guard instantly on our corresponding Evernote notebook.

“Now write directly to the cloud”

This new direct wireless connection Livescribe Sky sent first notes to Livescribe notebook, where you can carry out a process of handwriting recognition, for example. Then travel to the Evernote servers and is in safekeeping.

Such notes you took and stored in the online service of LiveScribe uses a HTML5 reader to have maximum compatibility with devices where you want to recover those notes. Later, the SDK that released the company will use this new wireless equipment with more applications.

Regarding the LiveScribe, we can choose it with internal memory of 2, 4 or 8 GB. Synchronization with Evernote is performed every hour unless you indicate to do so before.

The Sky works with battery that gives for a whole day taking notes, which still has to be done in a special role for the scan you system.

The Livescribe Sky price starts at $ 169 but if you’re taking notes by hand and using Evernote, there is no better solution on the market.


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