Loans: what to do in case of rethinking

With the new reform on consumer credit contracts for funding may be canceled without charge and without explanation within 14 days of the conclusion.
The signing of a loan is a choice to consider carefully: it can also happen, however, shortly after signing the contract, to have a rethink.

Loans what to do in case of rethinking

In this case, just act quickly: Since last summer, following the introduction of the reform on consumer credit, it is possible to terminate the contract for financing within 14 days of the conclusion, without additional cost and without explanation.

Previously, this withdrawal was possible only if the contract had been concluded at a distance or away from business premises of the seller. Now they have two weeks to possibly change his mind.

To whom it never occurred to repent immediately after finishing a thing?
The new reform of the undecided own protection, allowing them to exercise the right to reconsider the loan with a relatively large time limit.

Following the signing of the loan agreement, who for whatever reason decides for instance to pay in cash the purchase or contact another financial time has 14 days to submit a request for cancellation by registered lender institution.

If the funding is already underway, the consumer must return within 30 days after cancellation of the contract the principal and interest accrued up to that point, and the amounts of one-off already paid by the lender to the government (like stamps) must know that the cancellation of the loan is automatically, without making a specific request, for all contracts for ancillary services connected to it, such as an insurance policy to guarantee the loan.

At the termination of the loan agreement but does not automatically linked to the possible contract for the purchase of goods or services.

The recession of purchase is only possible in case of purchases made at a distance or away from the business premises of the seller, by sending a registered letter the same seller within 10 days. If this purchase agreement is attached funding, it will suffer the same fate in an automatic way. To avoid all these dies is always better to inquire in advance about the funding and compare several proposals for the loan before making your choices.


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