Lose weight by sleeping

Generally all weight loss programs associate with intense exercise routines, while most people can only lose the extra kilos daily running out, biking or taking some diet. However, not everyone knows what is that good sleep also helps maintain a healthy weight.

weight loss programs associate with intense exercise routines

Recent studies have shown that people who because of bad habits or other reasons (such as stress, snoring or anxiety problems) do not sleep well, have a greater tendency to gain weight, this is also confirmed by specialists.

This is because when you sleep less than seven or eight hours, that is generally recommended, can cause disruptions in the functioning of a hormone called leptin, which controls satiety. At the same time, lack of sleep also increases the production of another hormone called ghrelin, which regulates hunger.

Therefore, little sleep can lead to disordered eating habits that eventually lead to weight gain. For example, if you slept little and poorly, the next day is likely to have more hungry than usual and particularly look for foods with high caloric content.

So give rest to your body the amount of hours needed that not only improve energy levels and mood of a person, but also brings great physical benefits.


When properly rested both your body and mind are in balance and this allows to make it easier to maintain your weight and live a healthier life in general.

Obviously, accumulate hours of sleep is not enough to offset a sedentary lifestyle and poor nutrition. Make physical activity regularly (such as taking a walk at least half an hour per day) and eat fruits, vegetables, and meats low in fat, are the perfect complement to a healthy life.


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