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In matters of cosmetics has everything in terms of quality, performance, brand and price proposals. In principle, when choosing a product, keep in mind that we are using something on our skin. So it is important to get beyond nice, do not bring us problems such as acne, rashes, allergies or infections even in the case of makeup for eyes.

Initially my recommendation is to go slowly equipping but good quality makeup. The textures, the results mark a different quality ingredients and tested in the laboratory and production under your skin is kept safe from allergies, acne or your eyes conjunctivitis.

Makeup moderate costs give good results

Makeup moderate costs give good results

Revlon: include foundations and concealers with good covering level. Of course, when it is necessary to cubritivos purchase you make sure that the product is very similar to your skin color, otherwise you will notice skin color contrasts that are not any good.

L’Oréal: Has good products for the care of the hair; shampoos and hair treatments in their professional line. Also your cosmetics skin care offers very viable treatments.

Max Factor: Stand your eye makeup. Eyeliner and mascara with beautiful results.

Maybelline: This mark may grant mineral powders and foundations of good quality. They have good variety in lip, both types and colors and textures.

Makeup tests and precautions:

On the other hand there are countless makeup products low cost, although they are very cheap, in my opinion is better to be washed each. Lipsticks with lead, concealers and foundations tend to give a crisp and drying to the skin or liners that are run to better effect and ended panda style and also because some conjunctivitis.

In short, when in doubt it is always good to go to stores where you can try out the makeup directly on the face, sometimes embaces and testing on the skin of the hand are not sufficient to determine whether this product we like or go with our skin tone. It is preferable to buy back another day because it can observe the duration of the makeup and behavior through the hours. There are some inexpensive makeup that degrade easily and run leaving an unpleasant aesthetic effect; or worse: possible adverse reactions on your skin.


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