New MacBook Air with Haswell processor suffer problems Wi-Ficonnection

Thousands of buyers of the new MacBook Air with Haswell processor, are reporting a problem with the WiFi connection in their new ultra-thin laptop. As stated in many forums, including the proper bracket for the Cupertino company, these new MacBook Air lost the internet connection via WiFi on one or two minutes after setting this, being necessary in some cases restart to connect the system stably. In other cases, a reboot does not solve the problem and you have to disable the computer’s wireless connection and enable it again. Unfortunately, none of the two remedies is effective in some cases,despairing their owners.

Apple ultrabook Macbook Air and having problems with your wireless connection

At the moment even though Apple has not commented on the issue, everything points to a problem in the design of the antenna, rather than one software (the latter easier to solve by applying a patch). If further research confirms the first hypothesis, the company led by Tim Cook, should collect all the MacBook Air flawed to fix these or replace the equipment for one that does not have this problem.

Also noteworthy is a curious fact that, according to Gizmodo, the wireless connection problem is accentuated when the ultrabook is placed on a desk.

Recall that sold two models of MacBook Air 11 “and 13” respectively and the new range is presented in WWDC, presenting the main novelty, incorporating low-power processor of 1.3 Ghz Intel Haswell.

New MacBook Air with Haswell processor suffer Wi-Ficonnection problems

By the time we were waiting for an official explanation from the Californian company apple on this problem.

Do you also got a new Apple ultrabook Macbook Air and having problems with your wireless connection? Your comments are welcome.


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