Mail Forwarding new service allows you to view mail online

Many times when people will look for a mail transfer service they have in their mind how it was done in ancient times. This is where you went to the Post, and changed your e-mail wherever you be.

So if you go to your summer home for two months, you forward your mail there, then when you as the back, un-forward your mail. If you travel a lot, you may do this several times a year and your mail can never catch up!

But it’s a new era, and the technology has advanced to the point where there is now a redirection service or two that will solve all your problems. You change your mailing address at time of service of the mail and they do the rest. They really do not even need to pass anything more snail mail for you. Here’s how it works.

After you have changed your address, all mail will go to your service of mail delivery. They will begin by analyzing the envelopes of mail received. Can you connect to their site and watch the envelopes scanned to decide whether you want the digital content or not. You will probably allow some shredding without scanning you recognize it as junk or bulk mail business, as the Post likes to call it!

All you want to see just click on the mouse button and send it to the appropriate section of the mail forwarding service. The service will then analyze the contents, and again put it online for you to see.

You will also have several options for what to do with the original letters. They can store them for you, or grind, it’s your decision. Not only will you have the choice of what to do with the letters, but your mail forwarding service can provide you with several different addresses in different cities for you to choose. You can choose the nearest city where you live, or choose one where you have always wanted to live. Again, the choice is yours.


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