Make a backup in Windows 8.1

Since the launch of Windows Vista in 2006, Microsoft has incorporated as standard the option to make a system image operating system.

When talking about system image, is actually talking about an exact copy of a particular drive where files, folders and settings included , so that when you perform this method, you will get a duplicate of your operating system in the same conditions is upon the completion of the copy.
take a backup in Windows 8.1
In order to have this, you must follow these steps :

  1. Move the mouse to the right of the desk until the sidebar is displayed (or press Win+C).
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Click on Control Panel
  4. Click on System and Security
  5. Click on File History
  6. Tap Backup system image that is located in the bottom left
  7. Select the path where the image is made ??from the following options:
  • On a hard disk : Allows backup system on the hard drive of the system itself or an external hard drive connected to the computer.
  • On one or more DVDs : Allows backup system in several DVDs. This method is usually not advisable because the operating system volume is vastly superior to multiple DVDs.
  • In a network location : Allows backup system on another computer or server that is shared across the network. This method is also used for NAS storage systems .
  1. Select the drives you want to include in the image , to get a copy of the operating system always must select at least the partition where the operating system is installed.
  2. Click Start backup , keep in mind that this process can be long depending on the data to be copied.

Once you have completed, you will already have the backup made.


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