Make cleaning your system as easy as possible

Make cleaning your system and  clearing the cache as easy as possible


Despite how much Microsoft has improved in terms of maintenance of the operating system, the fact remains that it is still necessary to have some tool capable of eliminating the traces left by the applications and the operating system itself and that in actually they contribute practically nothing.

The fact of having a tool that performs this task in a simple way can help them to have the system more carefully and optimized, since the less time we have to devote to this practice, the more likely it is that we will do it.

That is why today we have selected KCleaner , a free software, valid for the latest versions of Windows, very simple to use and that offers us a very complete system cleaning , thus eliminating all those files that are not necessary and helping our system to better performance.

As we can see in the screenshot, the application could not be simpler , but behind it hides a powerful software capable of performing many tasks. To show you only a small part of its power, we give you several examples of what you can do , but your options are more.

KCleaner Make cleaning your system as easy as possible

Recycle Bin
Temporary files
Recent files
Firefox cache
Opera cache
Google Chthome cache
Adobe Reader Cache
Spybot cache
Google Earth cache
Macromedia cache
TomTom cache
Duplicate installers

As we can see, not only operates at the operating system level , but also at the software level , but also software of all kinds, since it will even help us to optimize the system eliminating obsolete data from applications as unusual as TomTom, In addition to all the most common and known, of course.

Therefore, if you do not want to waste a second cleaning your operating system but want to dispense with all this data that often does not contribute much, you know that with today’s application we can achieve it without problem and in seconds.


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