Proof of products and services: Make money Online in 2019

An alternative to paid surveys that has become more popular, thanks to the use of mobile, is the test of products or services , both online and offline. You simply install an app and, from time to time, you receive online services that you must try (a store, a social network, an app, etc). In other cases it is about the service of a store in your city, a gym, etc. Sometimes you even jump at the restaurant that you went to dinner, or at the concert you’ve attended, thanks to geolocation. This is how Toluna works , for example:

The safe and stable way to generate income from home, is working. Thanks to the internet, many jobs can be done from home

Earn money from home

But there are many similar apps, like UserTesting . It asks you to try web pages and apps, and explain in a video what you think about it. For every 20 minutes of video you pay $ 10 in PayPal.

An alternative option is Swackbugs . This service has paid more than 300 million euros to its users for visiting online stores, watching videos, or searching a website . You register through a Facebook account, with all that entails.

Payment is not made in cash, but in Amazon and PayPal gift cards. They pay an average of 7,000 gift cards every day. Earn Money offers real money by completing simple tasks within the application: watch videos, answer surveys, try new apps, play certain games … All of them are paid with real money in a Paypal account.

PayPal gives you back money

Although technically you do not earn money, since you actually get money back from your purchases, you are going to make a profit with this system. PayPal Percent is an official service associated with PayPal that returns part of your purchases , if you carry out them in certain associated stores.

The best part is that they are well-known stores, so it is quite likely that you usually use them. You do not need to change habits. The discounts vary between 5 and 15%. To receive the money you must enter the PayPal Percent website on your mobile and access the stores from there. If you buy something that goes into the promotion (the money back does not apply to all products), that money is added to your balance. When you get to 5 euros, you receive them in your PayPal account.

There are other platforms that work in a similar way, but instead of giving you back money, they give you gifts. For example, Travel Club .

Devoting time to earn more money

The safe and stable way to generate income from home, is working. Thanks to the internet, many jobs can be done from home , with the advantage that you can dedicate the hours you want, at the time that suits you best. You must take into account that, from a certain amount of income, you must register as a self-employed person , and contribute to Social Security.

Use crowdfunding

If you have a good idea, you can try to get sponsors through crowdfunding, on platforms such as KickStarter , Indigogo or Patreon. Although we know them mainly for the sponsorship of products or video games, in these wes everything is sponsored, from books to musical albums, film shorts, etc.

Simply put your idea, and ask for money in exchange for offering an advantage to the sponsored, for example buy the result of this project at a cheaper price than when it goes on sale, or in a limited edition, personalized, etc.

The advantage of crowdfunding , with respect to an investor, is that they do not keep part of the profits or the idea , since they offer the money in exchange for the product itself, so basically they are prospective buyers.

Orders for a price

Lately the webs have become fashionable that allows you to earn money from home doing a task that we are good at . It can be anything: from writing a poem to painting a portrait, fixing a television, painting a house, or decorating a party. We offer our work and we put a price, and from there we can progress as the people who hire us score, improving our reputation on the platform, and with it the options of being hired.

A good example is Fiverr, one of the pioneer websites. At first their hook was that they offered small jobs charging only 5 dollars (hence the name), but now accepts all kinds of jobs and prices, from helping in a move to transport the purchase to an older person.

Become a host

Do you have a spare room at home? Do you have room for guests? You can become a host for a few weeks a year, or whenever you want. Rent the whole house or a room on services like Airbnb, becoming a host. You can prepare an experience that attracts customers . If you’re good at cooking, it’s a good idea to prepare a special lunch or dinner or play the piano after a candle, whatever makes your stay at home attractive. Or simply, rent it when you go on vacation.

Airbnb has evolved and is no longer just about welcoming guests. You can also offer activities such as a surf course, teach the city to tourists, and much more.

An interesting alternative to Airbnb is Wimdu . Specializing in cuisine and culinary experiences, you can try EatWith .

Fill out surveys

Paid surveys are as old as the internet, but the truth is that they continue to work. You sign up for one of these websites, fill out a profile to identify your tastes, experiences and knowledge (it will help you decide which surveys they send you), and from time to time you will receive a survey that will fill you up to 5 to 15 euros. In some cases they pay with money through PayPal, but also in Amazon or iTunes checks, gifts, and other spice payments .

You have to keep in mind that it is a boring job, they pay little (there are surveys that can take an hour and they pay you 5 euros) and sometimes you spend months without receiving one. But if you sign up to several sites at the same time and fill out some surveys per month, it’s not too long and you can get extra money for an expense or a whim.

One of the most reliable is Google Opinion Rewards, since it belongs to Google. It is available in this Google Play link. Once a week you receive at least one survey (although you can receive more), with questions that invite you to choose a logo, select the promotion that you like, or where you would go on a trip. Most are easy to answer and it does not take long. When you complete you receive a minimum of € 0.75 per survey, but keep in mind that it is virtual money to spend on Google Play.

Some paid survey websites that you can try:

  • LifePoints
  • Feeboo
  • my iyo
  • Opinion center
  • SurveyPronto
  • Surveyeah

Second hand seller

We are not going to stop here, because this is something almost as old as the internet. You can sell your stuff on eBay , Wallapop or similar, and get some money. Items such as old video games, records, vintage toys, retro material, mobile phones, are quoted very well.

Take advantage of the dropshipping

A variant of selling your things on Amazon or eBay, is to become a distributor. As it sounds. And it’s simpler than it seems. First you are looking for a cheap Chinese product that has demand. Just look at the best sellers on Aliexpress or similar: from activity wristbands to birthday surprises, mobile screen protectors, wireless headphones, drones, etc.

Sell your crafts on Etsy or Amazon Handmade

If you are good at DIY and crafts, handmade or personalized, unique or vintage products are in great demand. It’s just what they sell on Etsy , which works similar to eBay, but focused on manufactured products.

Anything imaginable has a place here: from mobile phone sleeves to dolls, cushions, clothes, decorative items, jewelry. If it’s handmade, you can buy or sell it. And if it is a creation with its own personality and becomes viral, you can earn a lot of money.

Sell your photos

Are you good at taking photos? Do you think they have a commercial outlet? On websites like Adobe Stock (the old Fotolia), Twenty20 , Gettyimages , Dreamstime , Shutterstock , Snapwire , or iStock you can sell them and make money without leaving home.

Just upload your photos and ask for a price. If they are good you can win to get a good peak, but there is a lot of competition. Some of these services also offer to participate in subscription systems. Customers who pay the fee can download the photos for free, and the author receives a certain amount for each download.

Make the internet your main source of income

There are many jobs that are only possible on the internet . Do not be fooled: being a youTuber or influencer is hard work and you have to take many hours, if you want to live off it. But if you have charisma and interesting things to tell, you can really earn a good salary if you intend to work online from home.

Work as copywriter

Are you good at writing? Do you like to write and are you good at selling products, experiences or simply telling stories through writing? You can work as a copywriter. A copywriter is a person who writes texts (mainly advertising) on ??request. They can be texts for a website, a blog, a magazine, an instruction manual, an advertising campaign. Anything.

There are platforms that are dedicated to this, such as Upwork , ListVerse or Textbroker , the best known of all:

Others are iWriter and LowPost .

Register and create a profile where you explain the type of text that is your specialty, and upload an example. You put a fee, which can be for complete work, for words written, or as you want, and you wait for the offers to arrive. If you are good, they will value you well and by increasing your reputation, you will receive more commissions.

Of course, it is important that you have knowledge of SEO so that your texts are positioned well in the search engines.

It is a work at home with which you can make money, because nowadays all companies need to update content constantly on the internet . And you can get a permanent job as an editor for any of these companies.

Translate texts

A variant of the online text editor, is the translator . Many websites and foreign companies are interested in adapting their content to Spanish and other languages, and here is a good source of work. From translating web pages to the texts of the apps, manuals, help services, labels, advertising, articles … The demand is large and very varied. Companies as important as Amazon or Netflix use these services to translate series and movie subtitles, and other content.

As in the work of copywriter, you must prove your worth by passing a test sent to you, and from here the customer ratings will do the rest. There are orders that are well paid, but most have a short delivery time. You will have to work hard to complete them on time.

Some websites specializing in translation orders are: Gengo . TextMaster , and OneHour Translation .

One variant is transcriptionists such as SpeakWrite or Atexto , which transcribe the audio of the videos, to text.

Graphic designer

As with translators, graphic designers are also in demand , because today any company or professional needs a logo for their website, illustrations for their online store, advertising design, etc.

It is not even necessary to be a professional illustrator. If you are self-taught but you have talent, a sample of your work is enough for someone to like and give you an assignment.

Of course, you have to keep in mind that there is a lot of competition. One of the best-known logo design websites, DesignCrowd , claims to have more than 700,000 freelance graphic designers in the portfolio , and each work proposal gets between 25 and 100 proposals, so the competition is fierce. But at the same time there is also a lot of demand, they have completed more than 334,000 orders.

99Designs is also very popular.

Create an online payment course

If you are very good at doing something concrete, to the point that you think there are people who could pay money to teach them, you can consider the possibility of creating an online course of payment. It does not have to be a technological content course, or academic. You can create a course about setting up your own garden in the garden, to learn how to cook certain types of desserts, or to build your own furniture. Logically, it has to be something interesting and deep enough for someone to want to pay for it.

The video courses where the teacher appears are the most requested, but they also serve the tutorials (samples how it is done without appearing in the video), and even courses based on text and images.

Numerous platforms allow you to upload your own courses and charge for them through Pay Pal or similar. You can try Udemy , WeMOOC , Google Open Online Education or LearnDash .


Become a youtuber or influencer

Although it does not have the glamor of before and it is increasingly difficult to live with it, if you have charisma and interesting things to tell, you can still earn some money by being an influencer in social networks (YouTube, Instagram, etc).

Revenue comes from advertising and the number of views. YouTube usually pays between 20 cents and 2 or 3 euros for every 1,000 views of the videos , but it depends on the type of content, since there are very saturated channels like videogames, where they pay less.

It also counts the number of subscribers you have. Sometimes you receive advertising from certain brands depending on the subscribers, or the theme of your channel.


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