Make-up tips for brown eyes

Make-up tips for brown eyes contain everything from the choice of various shades of gold, and a suitable base make-up for your own skin tone.

Often enough, if we look at the stars and starlets, and wonders what they are doing, that they always look perfect. Well, in particular, they are styled to match their type, which can have a big effect, even small things. For example, the right make-up for your own eye color. Here are a few makeup tips for brown eyes.

Make-up tips for brown eyes

Make-up tips for brown eyes – the basic make-up

Many women with brown eyes have a rather darker skin types. In order to emphasize this ideal, you first need the right make-up tone. It is often mistakenly believed that makeup should be tested on the outer palm. This is not correct. Wear a little make up on your neck and rub it. The skin on the neck similar to your skin more. The hands are usually a little darker.

Make sure you prefer to buy a lighter make-up tone, as one that is darker than your skin. Always one to two shades lighter than the skin tone. The Rouge should have a dark bronze color, which harmonizes perfectly with your eyes. So you have the perfect base to put your brown eyes in the limelight.

Make-up tips for brown eyes – the right choice of color

With brown eyes, too bold color experiments should be avoided. Stick to complementary colors that match your iris. With brown eyes that would include all shades of brown and cream, beige or mocha, and all the gold and bronze tones. Choosing the Rouge in the color of eye shadow looks very natural.

Who likes it somewhat risky for the evening or a little more would set the scene, which can also sometimes resort to blue or purple. The bright colors bring to light brown eyes. With this increased focus on the eyes, should be saved on rouge and lipstick. Slight blush and lip gloss transparent here is quite sufficient.


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