Make your own liquid fertilizer for the garden

Keep your garden in a position without hiring an expensive gardener can be a rewarding experience but expensive. In fact, once you have acquired plants, soil for the pots, the pots themselves, gardening tools, lawn and other products related to gardening, costs are bound to increase if you take into account the various problems plants suffer.

So here is an idea to reduce costs, this is about naturally developed chemical free fertilizer for your garden.
The fertilizer is added to soil to increase plant growth and nutrients that feed it. When it comes to making homemade fertilizer for the first time, it is important to follow a recipe to ensure that quantities are balanced and are correct.

Several methods are available and many recipes available for you to try. Here are two simple recipes, cheap and easy to implement, one based on chicken manure and the other based on the decomposition of green plants (as a solution of tea).

Chicken Manure fertilizer

Chicken Manure fertilizer

All you need is a bucket of water, a piece of tarpaulin or similar material, about 30 centimeters square, a little chicken manure, a piece of string and a stick.

You should put some compost in the center of the piece of tarpaulin. Pull the corners to create what looks like a giant tea bag. Tie the bag with the rope and the top of the goal stick the bag in the water. Leave it there for a day or two to seep into the water and mix. This product will give us a very strong and concentrated fertilizer. And that’s it, all that remains is to squeeze until it is adopted by a color of weak tea and then you can use it in all its plants.

Fertilizer green herbal

Fertilizer green herbal

Did you know that weeds in the garden can provide you with a rich compost that will help your plants? You just need a large bucket in which to make tea (a plastic garbage can with tight fitting lid is ideal because it can be very smell), a large pot with drainage holes or a porous bag or pouch that can be placed inside the drum (an old pillowcase works well) and weeds.

Choose the bag or colander and then place it into the bucket. Now fill the bucket with water until the herbs are completely submerged. Place the lid leaving marinate about five to six weeks. You see that herbs were decomposed and generated a brown sludge. Remove the bag and drain. It is suggested that to do this with rubber gloves and tweezers. Now, you can use these on your plants, always diluted in 10 parts water.


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