Makeup Simulators apps for iPhone and iPad

New technologies are great allies of beauty. There are iPhone applications named as iPhone Make Up Live and Make Up Free, used as a simulator of makeup.
These iPhone applications for beauty allow you to create new makeup looks, by taking a picture with your cell phone camera, and then you can makeup yourself virtually using various tools.

Make Up Live is an app that offers an step by step tutorial that explains how to take your face makeup that looks proposes. This means that first you take the shot, try eight different looks and finally choose one and your makeup as directed. It also works with an augmented reality tool.

Indeed, this application of augmented reality will approach the camera in your face, and thus the application will tell you what to do to achieve a certain look. It is like having an expert at sharing the best makeup tricks. Augmented reality is increasingly on the rise in apps, and it is a tool that can capture images of the actual user environment, only to see unfold on the screen of your menus with information and other options.

makeup Simulators on your iPhone

At the same time, Make Up Live provides options to share looks with friends via email and social networking, to seek their opinion and pick the makeup that suits you.
Note that this application is not available in Castilian, but with some knowledge of the language not too advanced, you can put it to good use.

makeup Simulators on your iPhone

Make Up Free, offers no less than 300 makeup tutorials on the phone, and also can be downloaded for free.
The focus of this application is in the educational issue, that is, that the clients learn to apply makeup properly. It is therefore also offers 50 secret makeup tips, and tutorials listed above by category, choose the style that matches your personality and every occasion. These categories are: makeup tips, looks of celebrities, eyes, beauty, blemishes, skin care, hairstyles and hair care.

That is in charge of the integral beauty of women, combining makeup hairstyle and achieving a set style that fits and customizes to each.

With this app you will learn, among other things, to make interesting hairstyles, to correct defects such as dark circles too dark, or control excessive oiliness of the skin.

These apps were designed for the iPhone 4, but also adapt to the iPad and are available in the App Store.


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