Makeup tricks, cat eyes makeup

Almost every women at least want to be Angelina Jolie, just for its stunning eye makeup which is usually eye catching. The make up marked with a cat style, bold, seductive and feminine, but the makeup of cat eyes is not the time if used for many years, the very Cleopatra as all the Egyptian women had for centuries.

As you notice the cat eye makeup never goes out of fashion, no longer one of the sexiest trends in makeup. If you want to adorn yourself with this style, just pay attention to these makeup tricks to create a sensual feline look.

The first thing you have to do is decide whether you will use a liquid eyeliner or pencil eyeliner, note that the first one has a much more daring, but if you do not practice it, the second option is better. As for color, it has to be dark and all possible shades, black is the one that gives better results, better make an exception regarding the liner, from personal experience to the very white and blonde women it is best to choose eyeliner pencil for which they have to blend very well, instead of brown.

The second step is to apply a neutral shadow on the eyelid and one with some brightness to get the sexy look. At this point you give depth to the eye with a darker color on the outer end and within the fold of the eyelid.

To begin with you have outlined by dragging outwards from the inner corner of eye on the tabs. The line must be very thin at the beginning and in increasing its thickness as it reaches the end. Once you reach the outer edge of the eye, there should be an outline forming a tail in the direction of the temples. But the extent of it depends on your personal taste.

In case you have big eyes you can apply eyeliner pencil in the lower eyelid and in case of  small eyes,you can  increase in size by passing the liner snugly into the lashes to half of the lower lid.

Now it is time to apply mascara if you want to get a more dramatic, eyelash extensions are a great option. Remember that in the cats eye makeup style,  eyelashes play a great role for what you must to excel in several layers of black mascara that you can decide on your own taste.


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