Male infertility vs heart problems

According to scientific studies published in the journal Human reproduction, the infertility in men can be closely linked to future heart disease or cardiovascular disease. This analysis studied more than 130 000 men including a significant amount was not fertile, and they found that the risk of coronary abnormalities was much higher.
Male infertility and heart problems
This agreement has nothing to do with something physiological, but that this alteration is responsible for the frustration and despair at not being able to be parents which affect the hearts of men.

This study analyzed since 1996 to more than 130 000 men over 50 years married or separated, it is noteworthy that not taken into account to singles because not known if they desire to be parents or if taken into some time. The whole group 92% had at least one child and 50% more than two or three.

All volunteers were followed up 10 years, a period in which it was verified if there were problems of health and other disorders, it was deduced that among the causes of death were the most common heart disease and it was found that those without children had a 20% more likely to suffer heart problems than those who had had children.

These data were released that infertility may be an early sign that this may lead to future heart disease or cardiovascular disease, so it is important to note this detail because the heart is crucial problems of prevention and early treatment in youth is usually detected when the inability to procreate.


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