‘Mass effect 3’, which we expected

When you start to play Mass Effect you will not know to stop. The various classes, to decide what to do in the dialogues, the specializations in arms … Mass Effect was certainly a game round is second only to the second installment of the saga. The principle of Mass Effect 2 is one of the most epic scenes that can be seen in the history of video games, but do not want to reveal anything if one has not yet played.

'Mass effect 3', which we expected

Now that all are off the days for the arrival of Mass Effect 3 would have to talk a little about how it is. Regarding history, our beloved Shepard will have to fight back against the most dangerous threat ever walked the earth, so will look back over the spot.

Special editions are not fully confirmed, but as you know something will be announced warts and all, to go out reserving. Bioware confirmed that there will be no multiplayer mode in spite of numerous requests from players and also have fewer partners to help us throughout history.

The EA has announced date is March of next year (2012), so get saving if you’re a fan of the series, because you do not want to miss this new release with new types of weapons, among which there is a new combat weapon the body (which we threw some very needed), special abilities and life and death decisions. Mass Effect 3 is destined to be the perfect ending to a trilogy. Let’s hope so.


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