Massages to tone and reduce modelers

Massage to tone and reduce modelers are based on intense maneuvers carried out in areas of abundant adipose tissue and localized to model it and reduce it.

Act on the body’s connective tissue to improve irrigation and lymphatic and venous drainage, reduction of inches is because fatty acids are removed, retained fluid and toxins in the massage area.

Essential to this work results is to determine the type of fat, whether soft or hard or if it is introduced into the muscles, like people who do sport too much and fail to eliminate localized fat . It then proceeds to do the kneading in different parts of the body and depending on the volume in 15 sessions can be reduced from 1 to 4 sizes.

By reducing massage (alone) can not perform miracles, to see really flattering lasting results it should be complemented by active treatments that induce lipolysis of the fat as well as exercise and diet. On the other hand it can be supplemented with non-manual procedures such as endermologie , pressure therapy, mesotherapy, ultratone, ultrasound, among others.

The reductive massage shaper or removed and liquefy fat while helping the circulation of fluids to minimize the retention, says the skin and muscle tone. Massage is a very useful technique in cases of localized fat , flabby and cellulite.

The sessions are held at least 2 times a week for 1 hour massage model is complemented with lymphatic drainage to help the body eliminate toxins and fat through the feces, urine and sweat.

The number of sessions required depends on the conditions of each and how the body reacts to treatment.


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