Maternity and Stress: control and regulate your emotions

We know that the raising of a child walks us through various moods, and surely, every father will have more of an anecdote about it. At the same time we know that these are difficult times, but they happen, we tolerate them and we handle them. The problem arises when these feelings occur frequently, intensely, last for a long time and experience loss of control.

Young business woman with laptop and her baby girl

As mothers, we have the great task and responsibility to help and accompany our children in their growth and development as people. Surely the unique moments of great satisfaction will abound, but others will also arise difficult to bear. For example, lack of rest from parents, tantrums and bad behavior of children, situations in which tolerance and conflict resolution strategies are tested.

In order to be able to manage ourselves as calm, understanding and educative mothers, we must start taking care of ourselves. This involves incorporating time for each, and recognizing when it is necessary to restore balance. If we do not take time to recover and we continue day by day without resting of the children, probably the result is a high stress and chronic humor. This will have a direct impact on our children, manifested in many ways.

Mothers who control their emotions will be better able to regulate those of their children.

Eating and sleeping properly is a great tip to minimize moodiness and improve relationships with children.
Although it seems obvious, there are many moms who do not eat breakfast, who eat what they leave on the plate their children, who “bite” something while they are engaged in other tasks and even those who eat quickly and in a climate of stress.

Make four meals, varied and healthy, sit long enough not to eat in a hurry, are key to strengthen our body and continue to face the activities of the day. It is important to find out how to perform a healthy diet, there are foods that help increase energy, and that balance the stress. Adequate rest is also part of the balance needed to play the role of parents more effectively.


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