Menopause at a glance

Menopause occurs when ovarian reserve is depleted. On average, this usually happens after 45 years of age, but 14% of the population suffering from early menopause. Also known as premature ovarian failure (or FOP), is when ovulation ceases before age 40 years, leading to the production of estrogen and progesterone and the consequent disappearance of menstruation.

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The main effect is, of course, sterility. But the treatment indicated for this condition is thought to produce symptoms that affect the quality of life of women. Among them, the most common are night sweats, hot flashes, insomnia, vaginal dryness, loss of sexual desire, irritability and increased chance of developing osteoporosis, cholesterol and cardiovascular disease.

There are two lines of treatment: the so-called hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and that natural food are served to balance body.

HRT is based on the administration of pills or patches applied to agency to provide the hormones estrogen and progesterone. This will decrease the symptoms and combat bone loss. This type of therapy based on female hormone supplements, however, practiced for extended periods of time raises the risk of certain types of cancer, especially that of the uterus, breast and ovarian cancer.

The line of herbal medicine or homeopathy suggests soy intake to prevent hot flashes, foods high in vitamin D and calcium for strong bones (low-fat dairy, vegetables) and those containing omega-3 to protect the circulatory system ( white meat fish or blue). It also recommended the reduction of saturated fats, alcohol beverages and / or caffeine.

In the event that one not only alleviate the symptoms, but want to get pregnant, there are ways. Turning to egg donation may be assisted fertilization or gamete transfer to the tube.

Whatever our concerns are, the important thing is to use a trusted physician as symptoms appear. A professional will know advice and help to choose the best option for the case.


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