Mercedes-Benz Viano Vision Diamond Concept

Mercedes-Benz presented in the Beijing Auto Show the Concept Viano Vision Diamond, a very luxurious van as extravagant (which Mercedes calls MPV), which looks out a two-tone bodywork, alloy wheels with five spokes and calipers brake with gold lettering, but the most important actually hides it in his inside.

The interior of the Viano Vision Diamond Concept is divided into two compartments, the driver or chauffeur (since the van is clearly designed to go with a driver) and the rear compartment, where luxury is the order of the day and you can find a television to a large multimedia system Last batch allows you to choose between creating a business environment or a more relaxing.

The driver’s area and is a luxury to have nappa leather upholstery on seats, dashboard and door linings as well as the shifter, steering wheel or even lining the inside of the pillars A and B. However, let it interesting, the rear.

Mercedes-Benz Viano Vision Diamond Concept

The rear interior highlighted by a porcelain white extending from the seats, carpet padding or even the belts or ceiling. The seats, for example, are reclining are heated, ventilated and include massage function, plus footrest and offer every comfort.

Between the seats there are cup holders designed to hold glasses of champagne and a rear side of the cabin there are five holes to transport bottles, whatever the drink. A special refrigerated compartment serves to locate a bottle of champagne. As expected, the nod to the Chinese dragon year is marked by eight diamonds of the embroidery on the interior upholstery.

Curiously the system Magic Sky Control of the Viano, which allows adjusting the amount of light entering the cabin through the window areas, whose opacity can be changed by a button on our own preferences.

Mercedes-Benz Viano Vision Diamond Concept

Among the rest of the generous equipment includes a sound system Band & Olufsen “BeoLiving Viano” that can be managed from a iPad2 or iPhone4 (suitably secured in the center console), as the Magic Sky Control system and above or the 40-inch television, in which you can both watch a movie and surf the Internet or make a video conference, thanks to the connection WLAN that the vehicle has.


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