Mercury Ziiro: water resistant and stainless steel strap

Mercury ZiiroIf you want to surprise someone this holiday season or the next day with a gift Reyes very, very special, your best option is a clock Ziiro known brand, which is characterized by offering a unique watches truly amazing.

Ziiro Mercury are, a new line of clocks that keep time by two rings, one for hours and another for the minutes. At first glance it may seem rather complex operation but it is really simple and draws much attention.

These watches are priced at about 134 € and can be purchased via the Internet. They are water resistant and also have a stainless steel strap. The price of the clock must be added a further € 8.90 in shipping expenses.

You know, if you want to surprise someone or simply indulge yourself in a clock, here’s a modern well give you a touch of modernism to your accessories. What do you think?


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