Microsoft demonstrated the second table computer for the first time in mid-January

Microsoft will demonstrate the capabilities of its Surface 2.0 in mid-January for the first time publicly. For this event Microsoft will use U.S. trade fair of the National Retail Federation in New York. The hardware with the official name Samsung SUR40 can be pre-ordered for 23 countries since mid-November with the price of $ 8,900, according to recent information.


Microsoft demonstrated the second table computer for the first time in mid-January

The model Samsung SUR40 can be used as table than at the wall-mounted screen or as a kiosk system using both vertically and horizontally. Its 40-inch screen delivers the Full HD 1080p resolution. It has a depth of about 10 centimeters, which includes glass cover, chassis and the actual PC.


The device runs on a modified version of Windows 7 Professional. With a technique called pixel touch sense can be determined. The display contains 2 million sensors that use visible and infrared. The resolution is not sufficient, for example, to capture a fingerprint that can distinguish between surface users due to the size of their fingers – and also because of their seat at the table.


For the first time Microsoft has announced the second edition of Surface on the CES 2010. It is a development kit since June. To the presentation and delivery of serial devices will be exactly one year ago. The price should be $ 7600 originally, but here had to Microsoft and its hardware partners Samsung to correct upwards. After all, the SUR40 remains significantly cheaper than the first generation that had cost 12,500 dollars.


SUR40 aimed at business customers – after all, individuals do better with a high-end televisions and high-end computers, which together cost half. Microsoft has identified some of these early customers: Dassault Aviation, Fujifilm, Red Bull, Royal Bank of United States and the Sheraton hotel chain. Like the motion control Microsoft Kinect wants to establish the table as an industry solution – such as hotels and medicine, but also in retail.


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