Microsoft Edge improved performance and compatibility

With the new update of Windows 10 released last week, Microsoft has taken a step forward in functionality, although it is true that there has also been a few problems for users. However, Edge had to wait a few days to improve its performance , but the truth is that it has not disappointed. The new version is called Edge HMTL 13 and will be available in stages.

Microsoft Edge is the all-new Windows 10 browser built to give you a better web experience

Microsoft Edge, the new browser from Redmond released the same day as Windows 10, still can not boast an impressive list of features. In fact, it is quite far from Chrome and Firefox. For example, still has no extensions, which are supposed to arrive early next year.

But in performance it is not so bad. And now just you get the update takes some time between Insiders and getting better in many ways fairly valued between users. For example, brings a new rendering engine that improves compatibility with the various standards . In fact, it has increased 56 points in the HTML 5 test results compared to when it was released. Your current score is 458 points, well above Internet Explore 11, which is in 336.

Microsoft Edge Improved performance

With the new update, Edge also improved markedly in Chakra JavaScript engine. It also has the highest score among the different browsers on the compatibility table Kangax SS6 and brings new features such as support for asm.js default and asynchronous functions.

Obviously these features may be more focused on developers but who benefits from it in last place are the users. For now, though, it fails to convince many people , since it remains well behind both Chrome and Firefox.

However, Microsoft has changed a lot things about Internet Explorer to get users to give at least a chance. We assume that the arrival of the expected extensions give the necessary push to become a match for the competition.

However, to see the extensions in Microsoft Edge still we have to wait until the next major update to the browser, which is expected to be early next year.


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