Microsoft Launches Anti-Piracy Contest

One of the largest U.S. computer companies worldwide, Microsof has launched a contest on Wednesday in the piracy which offers up to $ 200,000 for those who can find a solution close to the matter in controversy is doing around the world that is growing day worldwide, piracy.

Microsoft Launches Anti-Piracy Contest

The award “BlueHat” has been officially announced at the fair in the Black Hat computer security that took place in Las Vegas. “Microsoft is aware of the need to stimulate research in the field of technology relating to computer security defense,” said an official with the group in Redmond, Matt Thomilson. “What we want is to promote the development of innovative solutions, rather than identifying specific problems,” he said.

The contest is exclusively BlueHat solutions against attacks that are directed to the computer memory and is open to a large class of people ranging from researchers, information security professionals or young people who are simply passionate about computing. “The value of this award goes beyond money,” and that “not only inspires the current generation (of computer), but also to the next,” said Katie Moussouris, who is responsible for the security strategy of the company.

A group of experts from Microsoft will decide the winners of the awards: $ 200,000 for first place, 50,000 for second and a bonus for subscribing to services from Microsoft worth $ 10,000 for third.

The winners, whose bases are available on the website bluehatprize will be announced at the show next year’s Black Hat fair.


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