Microsoft Provided Free Download of Softwares

Power Calculator

While Microsoft has always delivered a calculator function on Windows, but this brings with only rudimentary computing operations.

With the free “Power Calculator” now it is easy to calculate sine and cosine values, and possible functions of logarithm. In addition, simple functions can be represented as a graph.

Download: Power Calculator

Network Monitor

Microsoft Network Monitor analyzes your network traffic. Whether it is an incoming or outgoing connection the free software records all traffic on your computer.

External attacks or error in the network can be seen with the tool relatively quickly, provided you have some idea of the matter.

Network Monitor (32-bit)
Network Monitor (64-bit)

WorldWide Telescope

Everyone knows Google Earth. Just explore a journey through our galaxy with the free tool “WorldWide Telescope”. You will see what is going on.

The program displays the best photos that were collected by telescopes around the world. Explore planets, stars and galaxies, and you will be amazed by the beauty of the universe.

Download: WorldWide Telescope


This tool will not communicate with the Internet without being noticed. TCPView is a free program that shows a detailed list of all running applications and their TCP and UDP connections, including all remote addresses along with their status.

Download: technet microsoft

Windows Search

What does Windows 7 do; with the help of Windows Search tool you can search the entire hard drive from the task bar in XP and Vista as well. It will help you to find information in remote repositories as well as let you organise and manage your data better.

Compared to the standard search tool then finds the terms that are contained in e-mail, music and video files, documents or attachments.

Search for Windows XP
Search for Windows Vista

Windows Easy Transfer

When you’re switching to a new PC, you have to transfer all old data to the new system. The free tool “Windows Easy Transfer” helps you transfer files, photos, emails, music and video etc. on the new computer.

Download: windows-easy-transfer

Microsoft XML Notepad

The “XML Notepad 2007 from Microsoft XML documents can be searched and edited. The data is Displayed in a tree structure, as you can on “Microsoft Explorer” are used to.

Download: Microsoft XML Notepad

BlueScreen Screen Saver

This is where Microsoft takes the mickey out of itself. BlueScreen is a screen saver that authentically mimics the infamous Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) also simulates startup screens seen during a system boot.

Depending on the operating system that looks completely out of authentic. Thus, it is hard to expose an illusion.

Download: BlueScreen Screen Saver

Keyboard Layout Creator

With the Microsoft tool “Keyboard Layout Creator” you can assign new functions to keys. it is a perfect tool to swap keys or key-combinations to make more accessible.

Your system must meet: Windows 2000, Windows XP, or Windows Server 2003 (MSKLC will not run on Windows NT 4.0, Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows Me).

Microsoft .NET Framework v1.0 or v1.1 must be installed

Download: Keyboard Layout Creator

Photosynth Web Client

In Microsoft’s Photosynth web application you’ll find lots of great panoramic and composite 3D images.

To upload your own photos to the online platform, you need this web client. The software requires your recordings automatically into one image Photosynth. Before uploading, you can decide whether the photo is for all users or only to yourself.

Download: Photosynth Web Client

Windows Live Mesh 2011

Those who want easier access to their data from anywhere should try this tool “Windows Live Mesh 2011”.

With the free program from Microsoft to build your own little file-sharing network that can be accessed from any Internet-connected PC by entering a password.

Download: Windows Live Mesh 2011

Video Screen Saver

With the Microsoft’s “Video Screen Saver” tool you can run your favorite videos as a screensaver.

Select the directory that stores your favorite videos as WMV files and screensaver will play them either sequentially or in random order.

It supported Windows XP only.

Download: Video Screen Saver

Microsoft USB Flash Drive Manager

The “USB Flash Drive Manager” Facilitate the matching of data between USB drive and PC, and the transfer of configuration data from one PC to another.

Download: USB Flash Drive Manager

Windows Media Encoder

Windows Media Encoder enables content developers to convert or capture audio, video, and computer screen images to Windows Media formats.

Windows Media Encoder (32-bit)
Windows Media Encoder (64-bit)

Microsoft Time Zone

The mini-program in the notification area of the Windows taskbar and display dates and times of various places as soon as you move the mouse pointer over the globe icon from the “Time Zone”.

Download: Microsoft Time Zone


TrueSpace is a tool for creating 3D models of any objects.

Download: True Space


The RootkitRevealer scans your Windows Registry for hidden rootkits and then compares the scan results after the threat level.

Download: RootkitRevealer

Office Outlook Connector

Users of a Microsoft-mail address such as “Hotmail” or “Live” know the problem. As of Outlook you could not access their account. With the “Microsoft Office Outlook Connector” it works yet.

It is possible with this tool to manage, share and synchronize Windows Live Calendar entries as well as direct access to tasks and notes.

Download: Office Outlook Connector

Add-in for Office 2007 – Save as PDF or XPS

This free extension for Microsoft Office 2007 you can save documents, send an e-mail or attachments in PDF or XPS format,.

Download: Add-in for Office 2007

Process Monitor

Process Monitor is an advanced monitoring tool that shows real-time file system, Registry and process, thread activity. You can see in real time which applications are accessing the registry and how it is altered.

Download: Process Monitor

Windows SteadyState

With the free software, you can prevent and control the users on the system access or delete data from your hard disk.

“Windows SteadyState” is for Windows computers that are used by many different users in public places, as examined in a library computer.

Download: Windows SteadyState

Photo Story

Photo Story Allows creating slideshows, crop images,  rotate with your own digital images that can be upgraded with transition effects, comments or background music.

The integrated burning function can create photo CDs and video DVD.

Download: Photo Story

Windows Live Suite 2011

The Windows Live Suite combines all the “Windows Live” applications. So “Microsoft Office Outlook Connector”, “Silver Light” and the “Movie Maker” are available for download in single click.

Windows Live Suite 2011 – Full-Installer
Windows Live Suite 2011 – Web Installer

Microsoft Calculator Plus

“Microsoft Calculator Plus” missed the standard Windows calculator by a more modern interface and a batch conversion function to convert.

So you can convert the fuel consumption of liters per kilometer to gallons / mile etc with this freeware.

Download: Microsoft Calculator Plus


Microsoft offers each live user the opportunity to store videos, photos or other documents on the Internet and share files with other users for download. Similar to the Windows Explorer, users can manage SkyDrive files online.

You must have a  live id.

Powertoys for Win XP

“Powertoys for Win XP” is a useful extension offer tools that lets you to view images, burned them to a CD as a slide show and create a Web-ready slide show of your digital pictures etc. It also enable to change settings for the mouse, Explorer, the taskbar, and more, with almost endless configuration possibilities.

Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer

Using the Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer (MBSA) you can monitor the configuration of your PC. It filters out MBSA missing hotfixes and vulnerabilities. You can scan quickly individual PCs or the entire network for possible security problems.

Office Compatibility Pack

With this add-on, make sure that the new formats of Office 2007 in the old versions of Office from open “Office 2000”, edit and save.

Virtual Earth 3D

“Virtual Earth 3D” is Microsoft’s answer to “Google Earth”. With the free add-on “Virtual Earth 3D” you can able to view 3D images of buildings, monuments and different natural elements as well as information about the places the user visits and travels through.

These allow spectacular views in the 3D version; rotate continuously variable zoom and tilt.

Word Viewer

Thanks to the “Word Viewer”, you no longer need to install a complete Office to open a Word document.

The program work clearly with the formats DOC, TXT, RTF, WDP, WPS, HTML and XML. You can view documents, organize and print but not edit them.


Process Explorer

Process Explorer provides you with a detailed list of files which (type) are being charged, what priority and what DLLs are running. In addition, the program is able to stop their execution.



It helps data synchronization between laptop and PC or multiple computers. SyncToy Special feature: The tool detects during the synchronization automatically duplicate files and can combine different folders with each other.


A defragmenter is smaller than many a Word file? PageDefrag automatically defragments the Registry and swap file on your PC and increase speed in almost every system.

Thanks to a very one-click strategy user interface, even beginners should have no problem to use the program.

Excel Viewer

Like “Word Viewer”, without installing complete Office software you can view Excel documents.

Windows Upgrade Advisor 7/Vista

The Advisor scans your system – both hardware and software – and then tells you whether your PC is already ready for Windows 7 or Vista.

Here, the program goes into detail, do you know exactly which areas or parts of your system should be replaced when you upgrade.

Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor
Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor

Windows 7 Wallpaper Pack

The 194 wallpapers from this package, give your desktop the style of Windows 7. The ZIP archive contains all the standard desktop backgound, and the localized background pictures from Germany, Australia, Canada, UK, South Africa and the USA.

Download: Windows 7 Wallpaper Pack

Virtual PC

Whether Vista, Linux or MS-DOS, if you want to run multiple operating system simultaneously on single computer, VirtualPC will help you.

Virtual PC emulates a virtual machine using a completely separate PC. This includes disk images, disk drives, an adjustable memory, graphics and sound card and network connection.


Windows Live Movie Maker

With the Windows Movie Maker Microsoft has offered for ages a simple video editing at a price. Even for Windows 7, the software is available but not as part of the operating system.

The video editing program brings in the latest version of 60 different transitions, 18 zoom options and 20 visual effects. In addition, the tool loads the previously modified work at the request of Google’s video community YouTube or Facebook.

Windows Live Movie Maker (Windows Vista / Windows 7)
Windows Movie Maker (for XP)

Windows Live Photo Gallery 2011

Using Windows Live Photo Gallery lets you manage your photos and movies more comfortable with Windows and edit

The tool Allows images to present challenging and perform basic image processing steps. In addition, the utility of a sophisticated sorting technology.

Download: Windows Live Photo Gallery 2011

Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool

With this free tool, you will get rid of viruses and worms. This  program scans your computer for every types of infections. If any  malicious programs detected, they will be automatically removed.

Microsoft updates this software frequently. To be protected your pc from new threats, you should always update to the latest version.

Download: Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool


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