Microsoft themes: This is the serious problem of Windows 10 issues

Windows 10 continues to grow over the years and its updates, as expected from Microsoft. As a general rule, its internal functionalities are improved, or new features are added that make it more powerful and versatile.

But that’s not all, but the Redmond-based firm also pays special attention to the external aspect of the operating system. With this we refer to the improvements that, little by little, are coming to the user interface of the software. This is something that they also have to deal with in order to adapt to the times. But neither can we ignore the multiple alternatives that the firm offers us in relation to personalization.

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Windows 10 has more and more customizable features

This is something that concerns both the performance and performance characteristics of Windows 10 and its external appearance. In fact, as we have already mentioned on some occasions, one of the most common elements in this regard are those known as themes. In the operating system itself we find some themes included, or we can download new ones.

Moreover, as we have been able to verify lately, Microsoft itself is in charge of providing our own themes for free. These refer to the most varied themes so that we can decorate the system desktop , such as themes for car lovers.

However, despite its usefulness and appeal, for many these issues are not enough, let’s see the reason for all this. The truth is that, as it has become a habit, these topics that we discuss are composed of a series of wallpapers. These are images that are automatically exchanged on the desktop, without more. Therefore, a point has come where the so-called themes are really nothing more than simple packages of wallpapers. These are downloaded from the Microsoft Store and installed on the computer, but they are just photos of a variable number.

Windows 10 premium themes

However, Microsoft itself in its theme description for Windows 10, defines them as a combination of desktop images , window colors and sounds. This is what was published in the beginning, but that has not been fulfilled in most cases. If this were so, we could customize Windows 10 much more and get a much more personalized look. This way you would not only change the desktop wallpaper.

Microsoft should take another step in the issues it launches

This is something that in recent times we have been able to verify firsthand with the multiple PREMIUM issues sent by the firm. These are published in the Microsoft Store with a series of photos, yes, 4K, to decorate the desktop. Therefore we could say that Microsoft is not keeping its word in this regard, so it should work a little more on these issues.

Microsoft Store themes

Following its own description, we would obtain a much more personal aspect of Windows 10, or at least adequate to the theme we are installing. Changes after installation would affect other areas of the system , not just the background, both visually and soundly. This is something that is already being requested massively in many forums and in the comment center of Microsoft itself.

With all this, what is requested is precisely that, a greater effort in creating and launching new themes by Redmond and not limited to a set of photos. In fact this is something that any user, even without knowledge, can easily do. By now anyone can collect a series of backgrounds, put them in a folder , and create their own theme for Windows 10.

In this way it would not be more than the true issues launched by the developers of the operating system, had a point of distinction. And is that everything related to the customization and adaptation of Windows 10, is increasingly used and demanded by most.


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