Microsoft windows live mail offers two new services

The Microsoft Hotmail e-mail service will offer two new security features that are being phased deployment for the moment: a pirated correspondent reporting and prohibition to use the most common passwords.

The first barrier of prevention to reduce the wave of hacking that currently prevails on the internet is the ban on using the most common passwords. Hotmail will prohibit the use of the words of simple passes, such as “123456”, “Password”, “abc123”, and other variants advanced, which are not be considered as safe.

Microsoft windows live mail offers two new services

Microsoft recommends using a password of eight characters at a minimum, do not use complete words, to use a radically different previous password and include a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, figures and symbols.

The second feature to be deployed progressively is somehow an information button entitled “My friend’s been hacked.” This function will allow a user pointed out that one of his contacts has been hacked. Microsoft based on the premise that the correspondents of a person are well placed to noted anomaly, strange email or suspicious application from their. As soon as a number of sufficient reports is performed, Hotmail blocks pirated account, thus requiring its real owner to run the account recovery process.

Currently, thousands of users have already made use of the said information button.


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