Mineral makeup for every type of skin

The mineral makeup is the perfect combination of quality and natural ingredients, pure and beneficial to the skin to the environment. The current mineral makeup lines are bound to solve all the problems of the skin of the modern woman, in addition to this are made with ingredients from nature.

Mineral makeup does not clog pores also has the advantage that is not harmful to leave it all night because, as with the cosmetic traditional. On the other hand have beautiful natural sunscreen Titanium dioxide.

Mineral makeup for every skin

Mineral Cosmetics for every skin type

Dry and mature skin: Mineral makeup is adaptable to dry, because it nourishes without grease does not accumulate in the wrinkles and lines are specific to the needs of the skin, such as makeup base and cream shade.

Oily skin: in the case of oily skin, mineral makeup can be used are those without bismuth oxychloride (because this component clog pores), alcohol and talc as they can cause stains and worsen conditions such of skin. The ideals are those that contain zinc oxide which helps healing and anti-inflammatory, and those with serecite, which significantly reduces pores.

Sensitive skin with tendency to burn easily: mineral makeup have a natural sunscreen, but usually not enough for sensitive skin, so it is important using additional sunscreen applied before makeup.

Normal skin: normal skin have no problems with the use of mineral makeup, but they should not obviate the basic care of the skin such as daily cleansing, hydration and toning.

Some mineral makeup brands that give very good results and are characterized by excellent quality products are: Bare Minerals, Jane Iredale, Arbonne and Alchemists’s Apprentice.


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