Mobile phone data rescue – Tips and Tricks

To be able to save mobile data, there are either special recovery software, or synced to the phone regularly to make the PC to a current backup copy.

Mobile phones have become an important part of life. Of course, it also collects any one multitude of data such as contacts, photos, e-mails, SMS or other important documents. Whether business or personal data, it is very annoying when they get lost. But even if the disappearance of data, not everything is destroyed, there is still a chance that you can save the mobile data.

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Synchronization with PC

Anyone who frequently uses mobile devices such as mobile phones, this should be regularly synchronized with the PC. So you can regularly save cell phone data and we have secured in the worst case, its data. This is also very helpful if you lose your mobile phone or is lost or stolen.

Many manufacturers are already shipping with a CD with the phone with the appropriate software. If this is not the case, you can either download those programs from the network operator or the mobile phone manufacturer from the Internet.

Now you only need to connect the cell phone to the PC. This can be done in two ways – either with a data cable or wirelessly connect via Bluetooth. Does the phone or the PC will not buy a Bluetooth interface, so you have a data cable, as these are rarely delivered to the mobile phone.

If we have the appropriate software installed and created a connection to the PC, you only have to follow the instructions of the program and synchronize the contents of the phone to your PC. These data should be used daily to balance or carry out at least once a week. So you make sure that always a current backup is stored on the PC. If you lose just for example, incorrect operation or accidental deletion of data, you connect the mobile phone easily with the computer and can copy the important information on the phone and save mobile phone data.

Data Recovery Software

If you use the phone as external data storage to save as Word documents or other files in addition to contacts or messages on it, you should rely on special software, if you must rescue cell phone data. The manufacturer’s software only synchronizes information such as contacts, messages or pictures.

To restore other files, you need software that can recover data on external storage media. It is important that you store here after the data loss in any case, new information on the phone. Because with the deletion of files only option is provided to write in this space in memory to something new. However, while the old information was not overwritten with new one, it is still in memory i.e. you can recover it again.

A program (among several other softwares) with which you can complete this recovery task is “Handy Recovery”. “Handy Recovery” can even recover some damaged files. But you have to connect the phone using a data cable to the computer, to save the mobile data.


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