Mobile phone screen has scratches: how to remove it?

The mobile phone screen has scratches, tarnish the one the whole view, but despite the urgency, you should not blindly trust any advice.

Looking at her you notice a constant companion: my phone screen has scratches. It is not longer in use. But in common usage that remains now of sometimes not. By the time the many scratches it hardly allow that SMS can be read, you have to do something about it.

Cell Phone Screen has scratches-what to do

Especially on expensive cell phones should not annoy you every time you look at the display for scratches. Especially if the removal of these defects only takes five minutes and not particularly expensive. In most cases you can tell, has a cell phone screen scratches that are no longer visible after a single polish. This is best done with a polish, as it is also used for watches. They are thus at the watchmaker, as in mobile phone shops to buy. Before you start polishing, it is advisable to first display area with masking tape, so really just want this part of the phone is handled.

Next, one takes the polish thinly and evenly distributed. After two or three minutes you can begin the actual polish with a piece of cotton or some lens cleaning cloth. It is very important to all areas of the display to polish evenly with gentle pressure. In case of irregularities or the processing of only one point, it can happen that one later recognizes a difference. It may be that polished look duller than other places. The phone display is scratch, despite the treatment? Then it is probably very deep scratches that require further treatment. The result appears satisfactory, it is time to remove the tape carefully.

Be careful with toothpaste: the cheapest scratch remover

As the cheapest option of scratch removal is often recommended toothpaste. Just as the polish wears on you a little toothpaste and it can be two to three minutes before the display with a polished piece of cotton wool. But be careful! This variant does not promise any guarantee of success. Articles describing the poor results of this procedure. Use your phone to scratches and has exactly as before. The average cost of a good polish may cost you five euros, you should have to spend, rather than relying even toothpaste.


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