MoonBase Alpha, a 3-D immersive NASA exploration game

moonbase-Alpha 3-D immersive NASA exploration game

Moon Base Alpha, an educational game with realistic background – takes the player into the cosmic world and provides adventure and space environment, developed in partnership with America’s Army, the PC game is set on a lunar outpost in 2025.

Player’s mission is to restore critical systems after a meteor strike cripples life support equipment. The objective of learning the game is to rebuild the station to allow for further research on the moon. Here, the player learns using photo-realistic graphics and very real problems, what difficulties can arise when working in space. The handling in low-gravity becomes a challenge, because the implementation of the movement ability of astronauts to be controlled corresponds to the real possibilities. Moonbase Alpha convinced by the realistic implementation of the limited capabilities of the acting astronauts.

Technology in the future

The repair of solar panels and oxygen supply are the issues that has to meet the player at Moon Base Alpha. How can it happen in reality, for this work is only a limited time, those who succeed in the specified time not to fix the energy and oxygen supply is lost. The bulky and cumbersome space suit makes the job easier, the technical means have to be handled safely with the bulky gloves. The capacity in the space suits as well as time is limited. The PC game will run on Windows and is designed for one to six players in multiplayer mode, the astronauts communicate through microphone or chat alternatively via the keyboard. With much effort and care has been taken with Moonbase Alpha developed a learning game that brings the series closer to the people on Earth. The futuristic technology and the realistic surroundings give an idea on the moon, how the astronauts must feel really out there.

A successful simulation

Moonbase Alpha offers the absolutely realistic graphics and the successful simulation of low gravity. NASA Learning Technologies and Virtual Heroes as developers is to Moonbase Alpha managed an absolutely brilliant game in which a promising scenario from today’s point of view was set in a realistic scene. The game is available as a free download on Steam. Anyone interested in space travel and the real difficulties, wants to know how their solution is the learning game Moon Base Alpha well served.


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