More than just co-workers, does it romantic relationship?

According to studies, 12% of the working population had any romantic relationship with any of his peers. Many end up in marriage but there are risks to living these relations professionals within the company.
romantic relationship
Psychologists believe that most people who have an affair at work come to this situation almost without realizing it. Indirectly, the company influences the emergence of these relationships. Many organizations have incentive programs to reward the effort and keep the pace. So try to create a special chemistry between their employees to improve the quality of work.

In most jobs, the labor relations between employees are frequent. But the degree of privacy is not as intense or frequent in all sectors. Called liberal professions, in which daily work is done in small mixed teams of young people, multiply the possibilities arising couples and relationships.

Is there a secret affair?

Many times the worst of having an affair at work is the folly of peers. These definitely notice the change in behavior of the two people. To avoid unpleasant situations happen is advisable to take some precautions.

It is not recommended to confess the co-existence of romance. It is a way of betraying the trust of the other person and the news is unlikely to be extended gradually. Nor is positive change in behavior as normal because this attitude is more than suspicious.

If you want to keep secret at all costs must be cautious. For example, avoiding telephone calls between both in the workplace. Nor should we choose the same holiday period, or go hand in hand down the street, you never know if it will be with a partner. It is important not to get to work with little time difference. And most importantly, keeping a clear conscience because lies seem more credible and no suspect is hiding something.

First phase of idyll

idyll unfolds everything in stages. At first they usually experience a sudden interest in certain aspects of the other person not previously contemplated. From there is usually identified their work behavior with personal traits that would like bring to the relationship partner.

During this stage there is a significant increase in labor productivity. But the border is not all about work. The person who is attracted to studying all the other outside work habits.

Over time…

Once both people confess their mutual attraction occurs first dates. Then decrease your concentration at work. But every relationship is stabilizing as time passes. With the disappearance of the first date jitters, labor productivity is increasing. The work environment becomes more positive. Get to the point that some co-workers, outside the relationship are benefited with it.

The problem arises when the bond is broken in the couple. So forget the role of lover and again behave like a simple companion and show no jealousy if the other person starts another relationship. So you have to weigh the risks and never drop the self.

Please note

There are times when it is difficult not to start an affair at work. In these cases it is important to find out what is the company policy on the matter. But more important is to know the degree of knowledge of the other person. If there is strong it is best to forget the possibility of having a relationship. May present more negative than positive.

Never confuse the personal with the professional. Neither is good to get in a relationship with a superior, especially in a small company. It is possible that a colleague or manipulate that information explodes. So you have to reassure colleagues about the relationship. It is important to assure that it will not have negative consequences for them. It is always possible that the partners find out the existence of the relationship despite discretion. In any case, always take the relationship as something enriching whatever the outcome would be.


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