Mortgage rates: the U.S. is still falling

The interest rates on real estate financing in the U.S. are still declining, Freddie Mac said the mortgage to 30 years would be equal to 4.32%, down 0.07 percentage points over the previous week.

Although fixed mortgage rates in 15 years, currently at 3.5%, down 3.54% compared to seven days ago, the reason is simple: the benchmark interest rate the Federal Reserve continues to be rather low and , will be, for the coming quarters.

Mortgage rates the U.S. is still falling

Prices houses slows the decline in the U.S.

Zillow, real estate web site says that the drop in American house prices are slowly coming to the stability of slowing down. In the second quarter of the market prices of U.S. homes have declined by 0.4%.

On an annual basis, the commercial value of American homes are still less than 6.2%, are taken into account, however, that 84% of U.S. cities foreclosures are decreasing compared to the previous comparative period.

Finally, on a quarterly basis, there has been an increase in prices in two-thirds of American cities, while in 25 cities the increase in commercial values would be constant from January 1 to today.


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