Moshi Monsters got 50 million followers

In just two years, an online game for children has reached this enviable plateau. This is Moshi Monsters, a game for children aged 6 to 12 who are invited to adopt a virtual pet, to walk in the world of Monstro City, play games and communicate with participants in a “safe” environment.

Moshi Monsters got 50 million followers

Any self-respecting popular game comes with its share of derivatives and Moshi Monsters is no exception: toys, books, video games, trading cards and magazine already exist. Games are also provided in the program: music, stage shows, TV and film.

Of the 50 million registered users, 15 million come from North America.

Last October, the company Internet Security AVG indicated that 92% of children in the United States are “present” on the Web at the age of two years (from simple photo to full registration on a social network).

This figure drops to 73% for Europe (West).


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