Mosquito bites in the spring and summer

With the arrival of spring also get the dreaded and annoying respiratory allergies, especially those known as spring allergies, which are the fear of many allergies.

However, the fact is that the arrival of spring or summer is not only the arrival of allergies. It also feared and annoying because of other characters like the mosquitoes.

And, with the mosquitoes, the dreaded mosquito bites, which tend to cause various symptoms such as itching, irritation, redness and inflammation.

Mosquito bites in the spring and summer

Mosquito bites in the spring and summer

Every time a mosquito stings us, injecting small amounts of substances harmful to our body, causing the typical symptoms of mosquito bites itching, irritation, redness and swelling.

Although in a sense you can not avoid a mosquito bite, the truth is yes you can use a number of tricks or basic remedies in some form or another, help in its prevention.

In any case, it is possible to prevent them by avoiding the hours considered most at risk: both dusk and dawn.

Preventing mosquito bites

A good prevention is to use an insect repellent, which is particularly useful and interesting to keep mosquitoes alighting on the skin, protecting us for hours.

You can also use white clothing, avoiding the use of perfumes. In this respect, insects such as mosquitoes are attracted to strong odors, as they prefer dark or bright colors.


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