Motorola Droid 3, new smart phone details discovered

Still no word on when it will officially announced the Motorola Droid 3, but still, new smart phone details have been discovered.

Global Parts Direct has published a set of pictures comparing Droid screen 3 with that of previous models. While the first two models have 3.7 inch screens, the new Droid 3 is a 4-inch (which can have a resolution QHD).

The new Droid Motorola also has a front camera

The new Droid Motorola also has a front camera (apparently, VGA). The phone will be a little higher, because the QWERTY keyboard is a bit larger than the front panel. I’d love to know the dimensions of its thickness, which in fact is a fact that many look before buying a smartphone, but unfortunately we have to wait until it is formally submitted.

Now let’s wait and see if Verizon and Motorola are able to start the Droid 3 before the Bionic Droid.


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