For the first time, MS Office uses the same base code in Windows, macOS, Android and iOS

Office is the most used office suite in the world. This suite, developed by Microsoft, was launched by Microsoft in 1989 for the Apple Macintosh, followed a year later for Windows systems. Since then, both versions of Office have remained on the market, very similar in terms of features and features (although not equal), but in reality, very different internally, and is that, to adapt to each operating system, both versions they used totally different source codes, until today.

Microsoft has taken the opportunity to implement a large number of changes

A few hours ago, Microsoft has just released a new version of Office 2016 for macOS, the 16.0. Although this version of the office suite had already been in the operating system for some time, this new update represents a leap in version, from 15 to 16, and comes, in addition to new features and changes that we will see next, with a great novelty , and from now on, Office shares the same base code among its different versions of Windows, macOS, iOS and Android.

This has been possible thanks to a large number of changes and adjustments that Microsoft has implemented under the hood, adjustments that, from now on, will allow both versions of Office to be much more similar in terms of use and functions, since the development and implementation of new features is now much simpler than before.

News of the new Office 2016 16.0 for macOS

Thanks to the update, Microsoft has been able to implement a series of new features and new features in its office suite, such as, for example, real-time collaboration functions in Word and Powerpoint , and new formulas and optimizations in Excel spreadsheets.

In addition to the new functions and features, Microsoft has taken the opportunity to implement a large number of changes , adjustments and optimizations in the source code of its office suite to correct errors and improve performance, as well as to correct 3 CVE vulnerabilities in this new version to make it more secure and ensure the correct functioning of the entire suite for users.

Office 2016 for macOS

Although Microsoft has not yet revealed its plans, thanks to this new change in the base code of Office for macOS is very likely that both versions of the suite start to update at the same time. This is very important if we take into account that this year we should see the new Office 2019 , the next big update of the office suite announced at the end of last year but from which, for the moment, no new details are known.

If we want to install Office on any macOS system, we can do it from the main Microsoft website. As in Windows, in addition to being able to buy an individual license or subscribe to 365 so that we can have access to these office applications and, in addition, to the other features offered by Microsoft.


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