Myths about food: One of the most common myths about food is…

In popular culture there are many myths about infant feeding. Parents need to know to distinguish them from reality in order to give the children an adequate diet.

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There are many myths about feeding children who are passed from generation to generation for a long time. One of them is saying that children need vitamin supplements to be well fed. Parents should be able to distinguish these popular myths from the reality to adapt feeding the children to their needs.

… to whet your appetite, grow well and be healthy, children should take vitamin supplements (in the form of syrups, drops …).

Its origin was first doctor and now popular. Like other myths originated in times of food shortages.

Currently in the developed world it has no basis because most families can make fresh food all year round.

Vitamins are required in very small quantities and the best are the natural prey (those in fruits and vegetables).

The correct action is:

  • Ensure that the family diet has a daily fresh vegetables products: vegetables, fruits.
  • Do not overcook the vegetables so they do not destroy vitamins.
  • And take at least 2-3 servings per week of animal products (source of vitamin B).


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