Natural oils for beauty care

If you keep yourself informed about safe beauty topics you know the benefits of Argan oil, so fashionable today. This valuable product is extracted from the pit beauty of the green fruit of the Argan tree (found mainly in Morocco, Algeria and Israel) and is marketed for treatment of hair, skin and body in general.

safe beauty topics you know the benefits of argan oil

While its uses and benefits are well documented, you must not forget the fact that there are many other important and useful oils like this in beauty. In this post I share with you some of the natural oils, argan addition, they are really effective for body care.

Mango oil

The mango oil contains high levels of antioxidants and beneficial vitamins such as A, C and E. Only a handle cup holds 80% of the vitamin C is required for consumption during the day and 25 percent of vitamin A.

Studies have shown that vitamins A and C have a direct influence on hair growth, making a taxpayer of these vitamins vital for healthy hair. The mango oil is also excellent to add and retain moisture in the hair.

Monoi Oil

Monoi oil to coconut oil leads to another level. The secret is that the Tahitians place a flower (very aromatic) in coconut oil for a process called enfleurage.

The result is oil rich in nutrients to strengthen hair and moisturize the skin and it can also be used as bath oil or perfume.

The hair is applied before a deep conditioning shampoo that strengthens and shines have to apply to dry hair and massage well let stand for 10 minutes prior to washing.

Marula oil

Marula oil has high levels of omega-3 and 9 fatty acids, which are essential for proper skin hydration also helps hold moisture in the dermis flexible making it longer.

A rapid absorption of oil containing higher levels of antioxidants that argan oil or grapeseed, so it is a great choice for skin anti-aging.

Hazelnut oil

This oil is ideal for sensitive skin. It has astringent properties that help minimize pores while controlling sebum secretion, also beneficial for dry hair.

Passion Fruit Oil

Passion fruit oil is from the Amazon and its use in beauty is known for hundreds of years. It is a product rich in vitamin C and essential fatty acids, making it a great choice to nourish skin and revitalize damaged hair.


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