New automobile BYD F3 Plus and remote parking system

A few days ago, it has been released some information about the new automobile, new generation of BYD F3 Plus, the successful Chinese sedan sales is giving Asian brand in the local market. Really not saved any section of the car and almost everywhere there are important developments.

BYD F3 Plus and remote parking system

For example, the BYD F3 Plus engine range will consist initially of three options: a 1.5 16V engine 109 hp and 145 Nm, 1 Ti 0.5 154 hp and 240 Nm of torque respectively and lastly, a motor 1.5 TID 154 hp and 240 Nm. Depending on the mechanism chosen, it may be combined with a manual gearbox with five or six relations or a sequential six-speed dual clutch.

Besides the equipment level has been improved to increase the comfort of the occupants. The brand has made great efforts to improve the technology used in its development and a clear example of this is the new parking system and remote starter. This is a most convenient system if we have to park in a very narrow parking space is not enough to open the doors.

The only bad thing you can find is that this system may seem too slow. A server sometimes would give anything to have this system in my car because there are few times I’ve had to go out the passenger door.


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