6 new factors you did not know that can cause acne

The acne is a skin condition that affects men and women equally in different ages, causing constant formation of grains on the face or other body parts such as arms and back. Not all types of acne are the same, let alone its causes.

When the pores of the skin become clogged because of the sebaceous glands of the follicle, then it produce too much sebum which along with dead cells and bacteria causes obstruction and infection. From then on, there may be different types of grains.

Whitehead: when the top of the cap is white and has no outlet by pore. Blackhead if the top of the cap is dark cystic acne: is deep in the skin and causes firm, painful cysts, contains pus.

Causes of acne
The most common factors that cause acne are hormonal changes (puberty, menstrual periods, pregnancy, birth control pills), the use of greasy cosmetics or some medications (such as steroids, testosterone, estrogen, and phenytoin) and the most common associated with high sweating and skin moisture.
Not always these causes are the main reason, sometimes the problem has another root.

There are 6 new factors responsible for acne

It has been found that acne has many more sources than the familiar and acting on them effectively, the problem is solved.

1. Use of inadequate cosmetics and makeup:

some types of foundations and powders that are very oily and cubritivos can clog pores and begin to cause breakouts. When choosing makeup must see that is right for your skin type (if sensitive or fat) and always remove it before bed. Besides a good exfoliation help release weekly waste pores.

new factors you did not know that can cause acne

2. Use of cellular and handling

Oddly enough, the cell can cause acne. Being always in contact with the lubricated skin and begin to fill with bacteria and impurities that are rarely detected. With constant use, the phone runs through all that dirt to the skin. The solution is to clean with alcohol to disinfect it. Just as happens with the constant touching of the face we pass the bacteria and oiliness to the skin.

3. Certain medications

Recent research indicates that some components of drugs such as cortisone, lithium or B vitamins can cause breakouts.

4. Using creams and sunscreens

As with the stains, some antiaging cosmetic products are generating grease so thick skin because not enough to absorb them. For this it is best to opt for other presentations as lotions or gels. The same goes for sunscreens that are waterproof, because if left on the skin too long and are not rinsed thoroughly (with soap and warm water) clog pores.

5. Use of helmets

The constant use of motorcycle helmets for example, covering the entire face can lead to skin lesions. You also have to be aware of yourself and hygiene that slowly is incorporating environmental dirt and bacteria that then remain in contact with the dermis.

6. Stress

A cause more views related to the appearance of acne, especially blackheads and comedones, is the usual stress of work or worry. At that moment, the person causes release of testosterone and cortisol, two hormones that generate the sebaceous gland growth and thus cover the pore.
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To fight acne there are lots of treatments that should be recommended and monitored by a specialist dermatologist. The most important thing to accompany the treatments is always maintaining hygiene of the face, touching your pimples and avoid unsuitable products for the skin type you have.


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