New hard drive for Xbox 360 slim of 320 Gigas

Today I bring you one of that news that will brighten any day, especially for Xbox 360 users, specifically those who have a slim version. If you bought a slim Xbox 360 hard drive without your lucky day, and little money is that you get a 320 GB hard drive to enjoy your favorite games on the console from Microsoft.


It turns out that the American company has realized that its direct competitor had some packs in which included a Playstation 3 with 320 GB of memory, so you’ve decided to fight back in this way. Actually it’s a shame that is not also for the Xbox 360 classic 120 GB by the elite and I fell short in a while.


If you think this news was good you should know that that’s not all: with the purchase of new hard drive for Xbox 360 slim receive a code that can download the game Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars from the Xbox Live.


If I had a slim Xbox 360 I would not have any doubt and buy it right out, as it never hurts to extra space for our games. The price does not exceed $ 130, although in Europe certainly be more expensive because it will convert 1 dollar = 1 euro. But hey, 130 euros for a great drive and I think the game is not bad.


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