New Range Rover made its debut at the Paris Motor Show

The luxury SUV from Land Rover the new Range Rover rolled out early next year in Germany at the dealership. With similar dimensions to the predecessor it is the new Range Rover represents a significantly modernized version of its famous designs.

New Range Rover made its debut at the Paris Motor Show

The new Range Rover scores with successful proportions, smooth surfaces, and makes factual lines, yet no secret of his parentage. For this purpose it shines with a lower noise level again as well as an extremely rich equipment. Noblest wood and leather create an ambience of sovereign perfection. Stimulated impression is also more space: The rear passengers of the new luxury SUV will benefit from 118 millimeters of legroom.

Land Rover reduces fuel consumption and emissions by lightweight construction

The new Range Rover with an all-aluminum monocoque body comes as the first SUV in the world. This builds good 39% lighter than the previously used steel body – depending on the model version, the total weight goes back of Range Rover up to 420 kilograms. So both fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are reduced, while the aluminium body brings a significant increase in agility and again better handling the model. The chassis of the range Rover is also new. It uses a modern adaptive control and was like the body of the luxury SUV from lightweight aluminium. The suspension works well with the thoroughly revised air suspension, which makes one of the comfort that features of the range.

New Range Rover 2012 with a further world premiere

Driving side, the new familiar Range Rover 2012 to modern V8 petrol and TDV6 and TDV8 diesel engine, which bring the luxury SUV now plentiful power and sovereignty, but nevertheless trumps with surprisingly low fuel consumption and CO2 emission values. The power transmission is up to the brand’s permanent all-wheel drive, making the new Range Rover in atrocious turf does not look old. Its enormous bundling multiple talents lead the new Range Rover flagship model on the finest avenues in the world shine like in the mountains or on snowy valley roads. The first model developed by Land Rover “Terrain Response car”, the second series of the system determines the number of vehicle controls now fully automatically with the substrate and environment.


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