New Resources in Twitter

Twitter is changing. The popular microblogging network wants to be something more than that and give users more social possibilities. And it confirmed today on its blog that it has introduced two new features to make life easier for the tweeters.

The first is a tab called @username. Just click it and see your Favorites Tweets, the latest Retweets (of your Tweets), Tweets directed to you and your new Followers.

New Resources in Twitter

The second new feature that we find the tweeters in today is another new tab called Activity. There you will find all the news such as forwards and new contacts, which have made those Twitter accounts to which we follow. For a comparison, the tab @user is similar to our Facebook wall and flange of activity will be similar to the news page. Come on, and only need to include the button like (something that has already in Tuenti, for example) that until now substantial differences between the two social networks upgraded to become an almost identical.

And it makes only a couple of days Twitter presented its own application to upload photos. It’s therefore no longer necessary to resort to Twitpic and the like to show our pictures to our fans or followers of the microblogging network. Many changes in a few days to go to Twitter turning gradually into a more social page, and that especially in recent months was becoming more in alternative media on a website to share our experiences with our friends.


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