Nissan Juke special model at the Moscow Motor Show

Nissan presented another special edition new automobile fully equipped with the Juke with Ministry of Sound on 29 August to 9th September at the Moscow Motor Show. Across Europe, it is produced only 3,000 times of which Nissan SUV used 400 in the German market.

Nissan Juke special model at the Moscow Motor Show

The Juke with Ministry of Sound has been designed together with the eponymous London club label. The Juke with Ministry of Sound is based on the rich already innately Tekna features. Borrowing from a motorcycle tank center console and the armrests caps stand out by white surfaces of the regular versions of Nissan Juke. It also have the leather seats and leather steering wheel, leather gear knob and the center armrest on white stitching. Even the front door handles and door mirror caps are painted in the color Solid White, the 17-inch alloy wheels of the Nissan SUV wearing white gloss paint and a MoS emblem. Even the chrome rocker panels are illuminated in white, only the B-pillars are used in a high-gloss black.

Juke special model comes with Apple iPod touch, and Ministry of Sound Headphones

The Nissan Juke with Ministry of Sound is available from September in two tones Black Metallic Solid White and the Nissan dealer. Rigueur when dashing crossover heard the standard Ministry of Sound Package. It includes a white, eight gigabytes of great Apple iPod Touch the latest generation, including mount and cover with Nissan’s advanced, self-healing anti-scratch coating and MoS premium headphones with 50-mm audio drivers and coil aluminum covers. In addition there is an access for your free download of five Ministry of Sound album.

Nissan Juke is available with Ministry of Sound from 21,890 euros

The new automobile Juke with Ministry of Sound is available with all three engines available for the Juke range: 1.5 dCi 81 kW / 110 HP, 1.6-liter gasoline engine with 86 kW / 117 HP and 1.6-liter DIG-T with turbocharging and 140 kW / 190 HP. The 1.6-liter gasoline engine, buyers can choose between a five-speed manual and continuously variable Xtronic CVT automatic transmission. The 190 hp version of the Nissan SUV are an alternative to the All Mode 4×4 drive. The Nissan Juke price for the Ministry of Sound model vary between 21,890 euros (1.6 liter petrol engine with manual gearbox) and 27,340 euros for the top equipment with all-wheel drive and Xtronic CVT-M6 Automatic.


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