Nokia Here Maps is also betting on 3D maps

The presentation of the new generation of maps of the Nokia caught you off guard a few weeks ago. And it is not expected that this company was going to stand up so the battle between Google Maps and Apple Maps. However, its 25 years of experience in the world of digital mapping, their latest research and developments in this area predict a tough battle in the coming months to seize power in the market for applications of geo-location and GPS browsers.

Nokia would improve its service routes besides their maps. And, knowing what to look for and where the user looks for them to create maps with routes colored to indicate the concentration

Nokia Here Maps presents all the possibilities that boasted Apple Maps but without apparent failures that put sights where not applicable. Besides betting on the 3D maps, a technology that Apple has managed to get our attention but Nokia wants to take a step further. And the company is digitizing and scanning the road and city maps to create more complete and recognizable to the naked eye.

But what this Nokia Here Maps gives? This achieves a much more effective tool, helpful and close. A good example is the change of the robotic GPS navigators expressions that indicate that certain meters must turn left, with more human as to pass the church turn left. The technology used by Nokia you can know exactly whether the location of a site or facility is located behind a building, around the corner or even where the traffic lights and road signs.

All this is thanks to technology known as LIDAR (acronym for light detection and ranging), which uses a laser scanner to recognize the environment, something very similar to the radar. This achieves a three-dimensional representation of buildings, streets and even traffic signals, recognizing the area with great detail. A process already performing 45 of the so-called True car or cars that incorporate this and other sensors, as they did the cars with cameras Google to create Street View. In fact, Nokia says it will expand its number up to 200 troops for next year.

Furthermore, Nokia would improve its service routes besides their maps, knowing what to look for and where the user looks for, to create maps with routes colored to indicate the concentration of what interests you. Something like the current system colors for traffic density, but about points of interest. Or so says the vice president of Nokia in Chicago, Cliff Fox, further adds to the example of the local party know when you go to another city and can see the most interesting as the colors, thanks to the information collected by searches for other users.

With all this you have no doubt that Nokia is stepping up. You still can not enjoy all these features, however, are a sign of a promising future and a war that has just begun. And it seems that the major companies are willing to let the skin and money researching to create the best solution maps. There will be attentive to their next moves.


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