Nokia Lumia 800 update solves the problem of battery and Wi-Fi

Through its official blog, Conversation, Nokia has announced a second software update for Windows Phone Lumia 800 smartphone: the update, announced towards the end of last year, has been released as of yesterday. Codename 1600.2483.8106.11500, brings mainly two important improvements:

– Superior battery performance;

– Wi-Fi more stable.

Nokia Lumia 800 update solves the problem of battery and Wi-Fi

The release of the update, as written by the Finnish manufacturer, will not be simultaneous to all devices on the market, but will be staggered, as usual, according to Microsoft’s roadmap. The times, however, will be quite narrow: within two weeks, in fact, all owners of the Nokia Lumia 800 will update the smartphone.


Once available, you will receive a notification that will notify you of the update. You must connect the device via the USB connection on your computer and update via the Zune software. We welcome your feedback not just be making the update, to see if the software really put a piece on two of the major weaknesses of Lumia 800.


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